Our Services

Eye Examination

A regular eye test does a lot more than check whether your eye sight needs correcting. It is also a vital health check. It can pick up early signs of eye conditions, such as glaucoma, cataract, age – related macular degeneration (AMD). It can also detect underlying general health problems, including diabetes and high blood pressure.
Each individual has unique optical needs, so it is important that changes to your sight are corrected and that spectacles are supplied, if required. Our Optometrists will be happy to explain these changes and answer your questions.


With over 1,000 spectacle frames on display, we have a frame to suit everyone. Our qualified staff will help you to choose a frame that best suits you and your prescription. Ranges include John Rocha, Paul Costello, Z-One Eyewear, You’s, Retro, Jeff Banks, Stvdio, Contessa, Hero, M’s, Eyestuff, Epsiode, Orange Eyewear, Hero, Puccini and many more.

Spectacle Lenses

We have in stock an extensive range of spectacle lenses, which enables a quick turnaround on new spectacles. Our suppliers can provide us with many out – of – range lenses on next day delivery. Surfaced, Bifocal or Varifocal lenses may take an extra few days, depending on prescription.

1 Hour Glazing Lab

As we glaze most of our spectacles here on the premises, we can supply a fully made – up pair of new spectacles in less than one hour. This depends on frame and lens selection. Our qualified staff will again be able to advise you.

Prescription Sunglasses

We have a large stock of prescription sunglasses with many styles and designs at different price ranges.

Sunglasses & Polaroid Sunglasses

At Forristals we have a wide range of Sunglasses. Polaroid sunglasses have a filter that eliminates reflected glare from surfaces, such as a wet road or car windscreens. Many people find Polaroid sunglasses invaluable for driving.

Contact Lenses

We carry a big selection of Monthly Disposable and Daily Disposable lenses. We can also order in additional brands and have them within a few days.

Driving Licence Reports (Group 1 & Group 2)

If you need a report for a new driver’s licence or for renewing your existing licence, then contact us for an appointment.

Fundus Camera

Retinal screening with our Fundus Camera allows our Optician to look at your eyes in much greater detail.

Sports Goggles

For the active person, we keep a number of sports goggles that we can have glazed to your prescription.

Safety Eyewear

We have in stock a range of safety glasses that can be glazed in accordance with BSI EN 166.

PRSI & Medical Card Entitlements

If you are paying PRSI contributions as an employee you may be entitled to a free eye examination every two years. Contact us with your PPS number and we can check if you qualify through this scheme.

Medical Card holders are entitled to a free eye examination and a free pair of spectacles every two years.


Kids’ Corner

We have a wide range of children’s eyewear on display. We also operate under the HSE scheme for children.